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How To Make Roller Banner Adverts That Have Memory Hooks

Memory hooks are a fantastic method of ensuring that your roller banner advertising has an effective way of engaging and capturing potential clients. If you are going to create a killer roller banner you need to create a killer slogan, something that will be bold, catchy and will sit on the mind of the onlooker as they go about their day to day routine. If you are offering a promotion that involves selling a physical product then taking a picture of the items to put onto the banner is a perfect way to capture a memory hook. Get into the mind of the person that you are selling to. If you own a coffee shop that sells food, picture the best items on your menu and put the roller banners in places that will be seen by the people that you want to come in and purchase your items. Offers like buy one get one free always work and create memory hooks. Clever advertisers put the price up and the cost of the free item is actually the cost of what it normally is (right here)! Or, if you have a bulk of stock that needs to be sold fast then to get rid of it create your roller banner to appeal.